Welcome to Augustino Estate & Vineyard, where passion for craftsmanship meets the elegance of the vine.

Our Story

Welcome to Augustino Estate, a hidden gem in Southern Oregon's Illinois Valley, where the natural beauty of redwoods, ocean, and mountains meets our unique vineyard. Our special spot at latitude 42 allows us to grow over 14 varietals, thanks to a perfect blend of terroir and climate.

Our ranch boasts volcanic-rich, red soil, ideal for cultivating elite Pinot Noir grapes. The cool coastal temperatures create a unique microclimate, enhancing the quality and flavor of our wines.

Explore our distinctive tasting venues: the enchanting Treehouse in O'Brien, the iconic Big Red Barn in the Applegate Valley, and our Coastal Tasting Room in Brookings, each offering a glimpse into the serene landscapes of Southern Oregon.

Join us at Augustino Estate and discover the magic that sets us apart in the world of wine!

Our Heritage

Augustino Estate is inspired by Saint Augustine's renowned hospitality and love for hosting guests. In this spirit, we open our doors to friends old and new, offering a place where laughter, memories, and connections flourish over a glass of fine wine. Rooted in deep Italian traditions, our estate naturally encourages the evolution from friends to family. As you enjoy the unique flavors of Augustino's wines, we welcome you to become part of this special community, where the charm of our estate blends seamlessly with the warmth of familial bonds.


Nana & Papa Augustino

Our name isn't only about the history of Saint Augustine; it's also a tribute to Nana and Papa Augustino.  Reggie, who founded Augustino Estate & Vineyards, has fond memories of playing and spending time with Papa Augustino. Those good times are a big part of what makes our vineyard feel so welcoming. It's like Nana and Papa Augustino's kind spirits are in everything we do, from the care we put into our wines to the way we greet every visitor. Here, every sip and every laugh is a little way of remembering and honoring Nana and Papa Augustino, making our vineyard a place where family and history come together in the most heartwarming way.

Come as friends, leave as family.

Our Tasting Rooms

Come join us in O'Brien

Treehouse Tasting Room
400 Brown Rd.
O’Brien, OR 97534
Hours: Thursday - Sunday
Noon to 5:00 p.m.


See us in Applegate

Big Red Barn Tasting Room
16995 N. Applegate Rd.

Grants Pass, OR 97527
Hours: Friday - Sunday

Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Relax on the Coast

Coastal Tasting Room
16118 Lower Harbor Rd, Brookings 97415
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday
Noon to 7:00 p.m.
(541) 655-7055

Our Wines

Savor the journey with our delightful wine tasting menu. Start light with our Pinot Grigio, a refreshingly crisp, light-bodied wine with notes of white nectarine and honeysuckle. Move on to our Pinot Noir Rosé, Angelina, with flavors of watermelon, spice, and lemon zest. Our Pinot Noir adds elegance, with cherry flavors and a hint of spice. Experience the boldness of our Rock'n R Red GSM Blend, rich with complex flavors of red fruits and earthy finishes. End on a high note with our robust Cabernet, deep with blackcurrant and a whisper of chocolate. 

Our Full Wine List

To order wines, please call (541) 218-6699 or email [email protected]

Mark Your Calendars!

2024 Calendar:

Please inquire, as our popular events sell out quickly! 

Friday, June 21st: Taste of the Valley (Boys and Girls Club Event) - Rock'n R Ranch & Resort

Saturday, June 22nd: Live Music - Sam and the Band - Brookings Tasting Room - 1-4 p.m.

Saturday, July 20th: Hearts and Hooves Event - Rock'n R Ranch & Resort

Thursday, July 4th: Independence Day Event & Live Music - Saucy - Rock'n R Ranch & Resort 


Nothing yet - stay tuned!

Saturday, September 14th: Wine Release - Big Red Barn

Sunday, September 15th: Wine Release - Treehouse

Nothing yet - stay tuned!

Saturday, November 16th: Wine Release - Big Red Barn 

Sunday, November 17th: Wine Release - Treehouse

Saturday, November 23rd: Uncorked - Big Red Barn

Friday, December 13th: Wine Maker Dinner - Big Red Barn

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